Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Break in Grenada

 It was such a good, good trip and a welcomed break from school!  I almost thought I wouldn't be able to go, but with the help of air miles from my dear parents, I went!  I loved seeing everybody again.  It almost felt like I had never left!

The day after I got there we hiked Mt. St. Catherine, my 3rd time!

Although you can't really see it, we got pretty muddy!
Got to see sweet, little Caleb for the first time.

The youth got together Sunday afternoon to play frisbee football.

Anika & Caleb

The beach looked as beautiful as ever!

Funniest note from one of the students I taught last year - can't say he lied though.
I ordered oildown - and then got to help prepare it.

Spent some time at school.  I loved getting to see all the kids again!
Jada & Jivona
This is what happens when someone gets a hold of my phone and starts snapping pictures! :)
Rice & peas, stewed pumpkin, and baked chicken - how I missed Grenadian food!
Gorgeous Grand Anse sunset
Got to try some new foods while I was there:  this is rabbit browndown.
That big piece of meat is the rabbit - *kinda* tasty...
I caught a fish...actually three of them, but the other two weren't even worth taking a picture of.
The other noteworthy food I ate:  iguana.... *kinda* tasty, I guess.....
Got to really surprise my good friend, Shereen!
Briana & Shanika - two of the first students I ever taught....poor girls! ;)
Three little sweeties!

I filled in for Ms. John and watched her kindergarten class for a hike to Seven Sisters.  It experience, and a lot of fun! :)

Aden, Jivondo, Jaden, Tagen, Jivona, Jada, Faith, Alinthia

Missed views like these!

My housemates - Leann & Rhonda.  Loved liming with these ladies again.  We had sooo much catching up to do!
...And that's it....I'm finally caught up on blogging.  And now my life returns to it's regularly scheduled normalness!

Happy Spring, everybody!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tyler & Kelly's wedding

This post will be, without apology, almost entirely pictures.  You've been warned!

They are so photogenic

Best friends
I included this picture, only because it's kind of typical of us...

The bridal party

Nephews Connor & Peyton


The whole family

I just love this one!

Grandma & Grandpa

She made a beautiful bride...

...and he was a handsome groom

Loved the succulents!

Kelly did such a good job with decorating at the reception.

Apple butter favors

The servers

Lovely friends

Appetizer table

Wedding and reception coordinators - they did a wonderful job!
Camp people got up and sang a camp song

Open mic time

The dessert table

Love this one of Grandma & Tyler
*Photo credit goes to Angelique Photography*